Monday, 27 August 2012

Still wasn't happy with the lettering composition, so...

Here's another go...

invite with amends

Just to recap.. Amends were

  1. Dancing couple - with empire fit dress for bride (long at back but able to see shoes/feet) and shrug, groom wearing normal dress suit.
  2. Add sketchy texture where poss but esp the Bride's dress and tree
  3. add initialed heart to tree (**i've gone for one initial each but can easily change it to two if you prefer)
  4. Add two cats to the scene (one in tree if poss)
  5. Add a guitar (subtle but it's deffo there ;) can make more obvious if you'd prefer)
  6. Add text sent via email - i've kept this to the layout on the PDF - happy (probs needs) to be realigned
Hope this is ok - let me know and I'll send through as a pdf and also pull together the accommodation sheet using the border and some motifs - let me know which ones you like best (ie a cat/the embelton hall stone/the carved/love heart/etc)


Monday, 28 May 2012

Save The Date with amends

hullo! all tweaks tweaked.. let me know if there's anything else... if not I'll send a PDF, jpeg and tiff your way tomorrow x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Save the Date

Hullo - how's this to start with? I'm in the office tomorrow - otherwise let's chat on the phone? xx